Off Season Maintenance Training

Maintenance & Strength Training is a key part of triathlon training.  The off season is the perfect time to do this type of training to prepare for a great triathlon season.  Strength training can help prevent injury and it builds the muscles groups to help gain speed in all three disciplines.


TriFitness USA offers two off season maintenance training programs. Each is 8 weeks in length and offers an optional strength plan built in.


The first plan consists of three swims, bikes and runs per week, as well as dedicated core workouts.  The second plan ramps things up and adds volume which will leave you primed and ready to transition to your seasonal triathlon program.  Again, both offer a strength training component for a slight additional fee.


Both off season plans with strength training are programs that emphasize use of machine and free weights.  Level one or the initial phase focuses on lighter weights and more repetitions to prepare the muscles for greater loads or maximum strength which is level 2. These strength workouts require weight lifting facility type machines so you must have access to a facility such as Lifetime Fitness, YMCA, LA Fitness.


Each of these plans will be delivered to you by Training Peaks software and will provide the daily workouts in detail for the entire eight weeks.


Off Season Level 1 with strength - $100 (No one time start up fee)


Off Season Level 2 with strength - $100 (No one time start up fee)

Off Season Level 1 without strength - $80 (No one time start up fee)


Off Season Level 2 without strength - $80 (No one time start up fee)

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