Sprint Distance Group Training Program



  • 12 week program with detailed swim, bike, run and/or strength training workouts for each day of the week for 12 weeks.


  • Groups will meet once a week for a 60 minute session starting with a meet and greet session to kick things off.


  • Program includes analysis of your swim, bike and run form and position for better performance.


  • Email communication with the coach to answer any questions regarding the workouts or race.


  • Instructions on what to expect race day, how to set up your transition area and how to avoiding making common mistakes.


  • Rest assured you will arrive on race day ready to go with a group of friends who have trained together to reach this goal.




The program includes the following races:


•Lincoln park Tri – June, 28 2015 (Tentative date) -- lincolnparktriathlon.com

•Pequannock Tri – July 19 2015 (Tentative date)

•Randolph Lake Tri – July, 13 2015

•Denville Sprint Tri – July, 26 2015 (Tentative date) -- denvilletri.com


Plans for races other then those listed above can developed, but also

must meet the minimum 6 person requirement.


Registering for a race:


12 week program cost - $300


A minimum of 6 participants are needed per race group.


Groups must be formed within 15 weeks of the race date and must meet the six (6) person minimum. Groups will be cancelled if the six person minimum requirement is not met.



Have you ever wanted to compete in a triathlon?  Or better your results from one that you completed?


Here is your chance to train for a sprint race in a group setting. 


Tri Fitness USA has developed a 12 week program that will prepare you for an upcoming race.   The program includes daily workouts consisting of timed swim, bike and runs.  The workouts will progress, increasing distance and intensity so you reach race day well trained and ready to go!


To participate in this program  you should be able to (at minimum):

•Swim 100 yards

•Run for 20 minutes


Equipment Needed:

•Swim goggles


•Bike helmet

•Bike shoes (preferred)

•Running  shoes

•Swim/Bike/Run sportswear


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